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News At Eight
Tourism and Marketing Snapshots from Eight Marketing
September 2006
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Welcome to the September issue of News At Eight, produced by Eight Marketing Co., LLC.

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Client Spotlight
Universal Companies

Eight Marketing has been selected to provide strategic marketing for Universal Companies in conjunction with the Philadelphia Entertainment and Economic Development Strategy.

With support from partners in the public and private sectors, the Philadelphia Entertainment and Economic Development Strategy will bring new uses and vitality to the South Street commercial corridor, and new vitality to the region’s music industry.

Components include the relocation of the Rhythm and Blues Foundation from New York to Philadelphia, the restoration of the Royal Theater, the creation of the South Street Entertainment District and the establishment of the National Center for Rhythm and Blues.

These components will work independently and collectively to energize the local music industry, attract visitors and artists seeking to be part of the excitement and heighten the public perception of Philadelphia as a true “music city.” For more information on Universal Companies, call Patricia Wilson Aden at (215) 732-6518 or email her a

Take A Road Trip

The following opportunity comes courtesy of Explore PA.

Would you and your family or friends like to explore Pennsylvania while staring in your own TV show?

Explore PA, a reality series in its third season, is looking for Pennsylvania residents willing to be sent on a three to five day getaway to discover the uniqueness of the state while participating in outdoor fun.

For more information about how you can be a part of Explore PA, click here.

About Eight Marketing
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Eight Marketing is a tourism and attractions marketing firm that specializes in increasing revenue for its clients through partnerships and strategic planning.

To learn more, call us at (610) 667-2400.

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Fran Feldman Walish, President & Founder
Eight Marketing

Technology Tip of the Month

What technology do you have in your pocket? For some, an all-in-one is their solution of choice, with either Blackberrys or Treos serving as both mobile phone and personal digital assistant (PDA) for work. Others prefer the portability of a small mobile phone and keep their contacts and calendars on a PDA or hand-held computer. But where do iPods fit into the mix?

Today, iPods are emerging on the business playing field, with Podcasting and iPod tours becoming integral parts of tourism marketing and media communications. Keeping stride with these advances are new programs designed to integrate iPods with MS Office data including contacts, emails and scheduling.

After testing by our staff, we recommend iPodSync, an inexpensive, easy-to-use program that can be customized to sync your MS Outlook information as easily as you can upload music. For more information or a free 15-day trial, click here.

Have a tip you'd like to share? Contact Ashlea Morrell at