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July 2010


We welcome you to the July issue of News At Eight, produced by Eight Marketing Co., LLC. Thank you for joining us.

The Charms of Fairmount Park
Charms of Fairmount ParkEight Marketing recently completed a year-long marketing and branding study for the Fairmount Park Historic Houses. Working with creative partners Caspari McCormick and research partners The Melior Group, the team developed a new brand identity for the houses and a strategic marketing plan for their success.
The Charms of Fairmount Park, Storied Houses that Ring the River, captures the beauty, authenticity, personality and, yes, charm of these historic sites that predate Fairmount Park itself.  The keys are unique for each house, with an iconic design element that represents its individual characteristics.
The project will be rolled out over the next few months by Fairmount Park and the seven houses and mansions: Cedar Grove, Laurel Hill, Lemon Hill, Mt. Pleasant, Strawberry Mansion, Sweetbriar and Woodford.
For more information, or to learn how you can partner with The Charms of Fairmount Park, email Fran Feldman Walish
Social Marketing Promotions
Should You Get Your Groupon  or Start Living Social?
If you're active on Facebook, you've been enticed by the ads for Groupon deals or LivingSocial.  Philadelphia regional subscribers have seen the ads for restaurants, museums and everything from house cleaners to massages.
But what are the differences in the features of these services? And how should potential business partners select between the two? On behalf of its clients and readers, Eight Marketing has spoken with both organizations to provide you with this basic primer on the two services. has been in business since September 2009 and has grown to nearly 140,000 subscribers in the Philadelphia DMA.  Their success and popularity have benefited significantly from national television and print coverage in addition to social media, with enticements including $10.00 for referrals. Their revenue model is straightforward -- deals must be a minimum of 50 percent off and the generated revenue is split evenly between the advertiser and the company.  There is a one-month lead time for offers to appear and a 90-day exclusivity required. is a relative newcomer to the market but has already secured nearly 80,000 subscribers. The company offers a $5.00 incentive for referrals but a free deal if three of your friends purchase the same deal, truly driving high ticket items. Their growth in popularity has come from a more attractive financial split (70% of generated revenue is retained by the advertiser) and more customized marketing support. While lead times are consistent, there is no exclusivity requirement with LivingSocial.
So how to decide? Both are turn-key, no risk operations for the advertiser. If the goal of the program is reach, Groupon is the clear winner. For high cost, small margin products, LivingSocial has the edge due to the financial compensation.
This comparison would be remiss without acknowledging the phenomenal work done by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, directing and managing the weekly Philly Funsavers as part of the Philly Fun Guide. Unlike Groupon and LivingSocial, participation is not commission based although they are offers valid only for one week, not 3-6 months. For information, visit the Philly Fun Guide.
For additional details on what Groupon and LivingSocial can do for your business, contact Eight Marketing or visit the business partnership pages for Groupon and LivingSocial.
Marketing Book of the Month
The Cool Factor:  Building Your Brands Image through Partnership Marketing
The Cool FactorA book that combines a personal passion for guitars and a professional passion for the power of partnership marketing would be too good to pass up.
The Cool Factor, written by Del Breckenfeld, Director of Entertainment Marketing for Fender  Musical Instruments, does just that. The book focuses on how Fender leveraged "cool by association" -- association with musicians, products and events. 
The book includes chapters on product placements, promotions, events marketing, charitable partnerships and even celebrity endorsements.
The Cool Factor is a must-read for music marketers and an enjoyable alternative to summer novels for music lovers everywhere. While this might not be the most technical book you read this month, it will definitely give you the best fodder for dinner parties.
To step into the world of cool, visit The Official Cool Factor website. To purchase a copy of the book, click here.
To join the discussion, visit us on facebook.
Have a book you'd like to recommend as the next Marketing Book of the Month? We'd love to hear from you. Email Fran Walish or Alison Lambert with your suggestions.
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Thank you for reading News at Eight. Look for the next edition on the 8th of August. We appreciate your partnership and welcome the opportunity to serve you.


Fran Feldman Walish, President & Founder
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