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August 2010


We welcome you to the August issue of News At Eight, produced by Eight Marketing Co., LLC. Thank you for joining us.

Customer Service & Social Media Integration
While mother-in-law research may not be best for qualitative or quantitative studies, it does often play a great "secret shopper" role for case studies. 
The situation involved a time sensitive project with a guaranteed delivery date. The problem arose when it appeared likely the date would not be met. This could happen with any company and the item in question while personally important, was not significant. This article is more about the seamless response.
Like many companies, this company has an online chat feature. Your chat, once completed can be downloaded or emailed to you.  In this case, I utilized the chat to express concern about shipments and a second time when the delivery date came and passed with no delivery.  Staff on this level were empowered to offer first line correction -- a refund for services not received or an expedited reorder. The staff were also knowledgeable of the in-house senior management team and able to provide names for contact with future concerns.
In addition, by coincidence, an email blast had been sent that day from the CEO of the company to all customers encouraging them to notify him directly of any issues good or bad. I used that opportunity to forward the CEO my chat communications, one more constructive than the other; in addition to reiterating my concerns with their process. Within 24 hours I had a response email from the CEO (or his office), with copies sent to C level staff throughout his company. I also received a gift certificate for my troubles and a personal call from customer service.
Some changes have also been made to their delivery timetables and process that will now prevent these occurences.  All for a relatively insignificant delivery delay.
This company has shown their commitment to customer service and we can all take notes from it. First, offer an easy way for customers to provide feedback and allow them to track it.  Second, empower your front line team to take and address customer issues. Third, if you offer executive access, deliver. And finally, take customer comments to heart as they can aid your business and, ultimately, they are your business.
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Marketing Book of the Month
Brand Digital
Brand Digital
Brand Digital
Branding has long been a vital part of every marketers vocabulary. But how has that changed in the digital age? What should your digital brand profile be? How can you differentiate your brand and consistently speak in a single brand voice?
The answers to many of these questions are addressed in the updated edition of Brand Digital, by Allen P. Adamson, a renowned brand marketer and media fixture.
The book features usable brand studies drawing on his client experiences, in addition to layman discussions on how to weave your on line audiences into your research endeavors.
To learn more, visit Brand Digital's website.
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