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April 2007
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Welcome to the April issue of News At Eight, produced by Eight Marketing Co., LLC.

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Client Update
Welcome Germantown
Stenton Mansion

Eight Marketing is proud to announce its appointment as marketing strategist for Historic Germantown Preserved. Eight Marketing will develop a marketing and branding plan as part of a comprehensive study underway to develop, partner, launch, package and promote Historic Germantown as a valuable historic, educational and enjoyable experience to the community, regional residents and visitors.

Historic Germantown Preserved is a group of historic sites, museums, historical organizations and an arboretum located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Partners in Historic Germantown Preserved include Awbury Arboretum, Cliveden of the National Trust, Concord School, Deshler-Morris House, Ebenezer Maxwell House, Germantown Historical Society, Grumblethorpe, Historic Rittenhouse Town, Johnson House, Stenton and Wyck.

We invite you to visit these sites in-person and on-line.

Technology Tip of the Month
Web Site RFP Quick Tips

In today's changing world, the average website has a life expectancy of only 3-5 years. If you haven't recently redone your site, chances are that you will be beginning the process shortly. To assist you, Eight Marketing has prepared these eight quick tips to consider before embarking on the process.

1. Stakeholder Involvement: There are many individuals with a vested interest in your website, from staff and board members to professional colleagues and customers. You may elect to involve these interested parties in the process to help create a site that truly reflects the needs of the various audiences.
2. Web Marketing Plan: As with all major marketing initiatives, it is imperative to have a comprehensive marketing strategy in place for this initiative that works in concert with your overall strategic marketing plan. The creation of a new website is an ideal opportunity to review and update the plan.
3. Budget Guidelines: Establishing the budget for the website is critical before embarking on the process. Budget limitations may dictate the extent of the redesign, the need for system upgrades, the necessity for phasing in functions and the process for web maintenance.
4. New Skin vs. New Site: Based on budgets and goals, an organization may conclude that a new website is not feasible or necessary and a fresh look would suffice. Others may conclude that the structure is no longer user-friendly and a complete rehaul is necessary.
5. Creative Involvement: At times, creative assignments are divided between multiple agencies based on expertise. Whenever possible, it is recommended to have samples of the primary agency's creative work and strategies available to the web firm.
6. Priority of Needs: Whether it is due to budget or timelines, it will usually be necessary to phase in components of your new website. Establishing a list of priorities upfront can help keep the project on time and on budget.
7. Web Maintenance: Websites are not static, and as such, require ongoing maintenance, content input and updates. It is key to identify what can be done in-house and what training and technology are required to make this possible.
8. Website Marketing: It is generally agreed that all websites require marketing, from search engine optimization to e-marketing and advertising. It is important to determine what the supplier can do to make the site "search engine friendly" and whether or not website marketing is part of the deliverables.

Have a tip you'd like to share? Contact Ashlea Morrell at

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Eight Marketing is a tourism and attractions marketing firm that specializes in increasing revenue for its clients through partnerships and strategic planning.

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