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May 2011


We welcome you to the May issue of News At Eight, produced by Eight Marketing Co., LLC. Thank you for joining us.

 Communications Audit

Once upon a time, communications by departments were easy to track just by checking with the graphics department for design requests. Desktop publishing started to blur the lines. Email blasts and social media marketing have obliterated them. That's where communications audits come in.


Eight Marketing recently completed a communications audit for the Michener Art Museum, examining the interplay of marketing and messages between departments and their correlation to printed publications.


Communications audits can also help centralize list management, editorial calendars and social media strategies.


For information on conducting a communications audit for your organization, simply email us.


Social Media Policies and Coca-Cola

Everybody's talking these days and thanks to social media, they're talking publicly.  That's where the importance of having a sound social media policy comes in. Alan Murray, Wall Street Journal Deputy Managing Editor and Executive Editor Online, summed it up in a tweet as "Don't be stupid." While that may be a sound first rule, clearly there's more to be done.


An excellent example of a social media policy can be found on Coca-Cola's website for its partners, a link to which can be found here. Their five key guiding values speak to many of us -- Transparency, Protection, Respect, Responsibility and Utilization.


Remember, it's often easier to communicate to your team what you don't want them to say than what you do. An effective social media policy encompasses both.

MBM: Social Media ROI

Social Media ROIThe May Marketing Book of the Month was selected for clients and their team members who are looking for a text book style guide to measuring ROI for social media and determining actionable results vs. vanity counts.

Social Media ROI achieves this and more. Oliver Blanchard ends social media's role as a "fifth wheel," as he puts it, and instead integrates it into the operation of your business.

Practical examples include:

  • How shifting customer questions to Twitter and Facebook can cut down on customer service staffing needs.
  • How small non-profits can use social media for fundraising.
  • How to track customer progression and incorporate social media into the dynamics of your business.
To check out the first chapter for free, click here  and you'll be directed to Amazon's Kindle version.
Have a book you'd like to recommend as the next Marketing Book of the Month? We'd love to hear from you. Email Fran Walish or Alison Lambert with your suggestions.
About Eight Marketing
Eight Marketing LogoEight Marketing is a tourism and attractions marketing firm that specializes in increasing revenue for its clients through partnerships, promotions and strategic planning.

To learn more, visit us at or call us at (610) 688-3100.

Thank you for reading News at Eight. Look for the next edition on the 8th of
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Fran Feldman Walish, President & Founder
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