Building Relationships

Building Relationships
At Eight Marketing®, we forge and fortify relationships for our clients through the following services:

Tourism Partnerships: The tourism and attractions industry is an intricate mesh of experienced, sophisticated and effective organizations committed to economic growth. At Eight Marketing® we assist our clients in establishing partnerships with these organizations to educate, entice and enlist their participation.

Added-Value Media Relationships: Traditional media have turned to non-traditional deliverables to enhance the services they provide to advertisers. At Eight Marketing, we tap into added-value media, third-party promotions and media sponsorships to enhance the advertising and media plans of our clients.

Education Programming, Partners and Presentations: Schools are quickly discovering of bringing programming to the audience and not just the audience to the program. Through brand-matched partnerships, schools and educational experiences can meet and entice new audiences long before they walk through the door.

Museum Alliances: Zoos, aquaria, science centers and museums across the country provide unlimited opportunities for corporations to showcase their products. At Eight Marketing®, we build customized networks of museums and attractions for multiple product placements, sampling programs and multi-venue exhibits and events.

Sponsorship Development: Sponsorships are more than an enlarged check and a photo opportunity. They represent multi-tiered partnerships based on matching marketing goals, branding and sales opportunities. Eight Marketing® assists clients in every step, from sponsorship assessment to packaging, and prospecting to fulfillment.