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Maximizing Every Dollar
Whether your budget is eight or eight million dollars, you have a duty to your company, customers and investors to maximize the return on expenditures.

Strategic Planning: Sometimes the most comprehensive information vital to success is already within a company; it just has not been integrated into strategic plans. At Eight Marketing, we take the marketing studies and business reports off the shelves and put them into action with feasibility studies on new endeavors, short-term and long-term planning, marketing and communications plan development, and return on investment analysis.

Partnerships & Promotions: Every product, service or attraction shares goals and audiences with complementary organizations. At Eight Marketing, we match corporations and organizations with promotional partners to achieve marketing efficiencies and to leverage cooperative budgets.

Attractions Marketing: Museums, tour operators and other tourism attractions are heavily dependent on earned revenue – from admissions, additional experiences, concessions, and sponsorships and partnerships. At Eight Marketing, we specialize in working with attractions on program development, event and exhibit enhancements, audience development programs, attendance and revenue analysis and feasibility studies to maximize revenue and enhance the visitor experience.