Making connections.
To people. To places.
To products.
That's at the heart of everything we do.

We are there for the whispers that motivate action
or stop people in their tracks.
We are there for the bull horns that yell preferences,
just waiting for someone to take action.

And when everyone else has powered down,
we’re fired up by the numbers, the patterns,
and the “aha” moments that can be worth
a million dollars to your organization,
literally and figuratively.

We make the connections
to help connect you to your audiences
and to each other.

Strategic marketing, targeted communications,
action plans, statistical analysis…
we make it happen for you.
We find it fun, actually.

And while we’re at it, we help you find others
that share your brand attributes and can raise your game.
Because partnerships and promotions are double the fun.

We are Eight Marketing®.
Contact us and see what we can make happen with you.